Personal Loans

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Personal Loans

Using a secured personal loan from Apollo can can help you manage your finances better. Don’t rely on your credit card, especially for larger amounts, a fixed rate personal loan gives you greater control of your money over a set term and at a better rate. A personal loan also allows you to focus and complete the payments over a short period of time and minimise interest costs; why add additional borrowings to your home loan when it could take years to repay?

Why use a Personal Loan?

There are many reasons why people look to personal loans as a financial solution, for example, they may need extra funds to pay for a wedding, holiday, car, boat, minor renovations around the home, to help out a family member or even to cover cosmetic or plastic surgery. Whatever your reason, as long as it’s considered a worthwhile purpose and you have suitable security, Apollo Finance Group would love to help you out!

Apollo Finance Group also offers cash loans over $500 – have the money you need in a matter of hours, without the hassle.

Simply give Apollo a call, or complete our easy to use online application form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.